About Us


At Geckos we’ve taken the dorkiness out of group travel. You’ll snack on the tastiest grub, hang out with people your own age (20s & 30s) and clamber aboard public transport, sleep in family run places, see stuff other tourists never knew existed and have plenty of free time along the way.

We tread lightly, think local and make sure our trips are helping not hindering the places we visit. Plus, our local leaders are rad humans.

We’re practically perfect in every way (not really, but we do our best).

Why pick Geckos? In short, we stand for: 

The Young

We’ve listened to your feedback and have now launched exclusive departures for people aged 18–30 something, which means you can travel with a bunch of young folk just like you.

To find a trip that fits this age bracket, just look for this sticker: 18-39 sticker

If you’re young at heart but not as young in years (i.e. over 40), we’ve marked these trips with this sticker: all ages sticker

To make things even easier, you can also filter search results to show different age departures. Find out more.

The Adventurous

If you’ve got an open mind, a sense of adventure and are willing to step outside your comfort zone then you’ll fit right in. We’re for travellers who aren’t afraid to order off the local menu, jump in a tuk-tuk or take a punt on a new friend.

We’re for travellers, not tourists. 

The Penniless

We reckon everyone should be able to see this great world, so we make sure our trips don’t cost the earth (literally and metaphorically). We make sure you see more awesome stuff, stay in more awesome places and eat more awesome things for your hard earned dollar.

We’ve done all the hard haggling for you, and because you’re travelling with a gang of friends, the cost is shared. We love you and we want to take you on the trip of a lifetime, whatever your budget. 

Making friends not acquaintances

When you’re travelling with a small group, you’ll get to know your gang of fellow travellers pretty well. Which means you’ll head home with a whole lot of new BFFs, rather than a hundred strange Facebook friend requests.

That’s why we based the Geckos logo on the Native American crossed arrows symbol. It means friendship. And we are totally down for making new friends.

Local leaders

Our local leaders are pretty great. They were born and bred in the places you’re going, so they can help you get down with the local street culture. Fancy getting your paws on the best food in town? Ask your leader to take you to their favourite haunt.

You may even end up sipping tea with a local family. Want to find the best swimming hole? Obscure modern art gallery? Ask your leader. These guys aren’t just tour guides, they’re tour legends. Your new friends, your travel lucky charms, your real life Wikipedia. The feedback our leader guys get makes us office guys a bit misty eyed. We couldn’t be prouder.



Let’s face it. Nobody travelled to experience the joy of standing in a 3-hour ticket queue, or to search fruitlessly for authentic food (only to give in and go to McDonalds). That’s why our trips include a few main entrance fees, accommodation, all forms of transport, the occasional meal plus the expertise of your local guide. While there’s plenty of time to do your own thing, group activities are included too – because some things are simply more fun when you’ve got company.

Travelling solo

The best thing about our trips is that they are totally fun to do on your own. That’s actually how most of our travellers roll. So, if you’re travelling by yourself, we’ll generally put you with someone of the same gender at no extra cost (i.e. there’s no single supplement).

But you can definitely score a room to yourself in most regions without too much extra cost. Sure. Snore to your heart’s content.

Small groups

Some people like travelling in big buses, ticking off sights and staying in 300 room hotels. That’s cool. But it isn’t for us. We’re more into local transport, homestays and hidden gems (as well as the epic must-sees).

Smaller groups mean you can go to places that bigger groups can’t, you can feast on hawker food, you can hang with locals and you’re not hurting the pretty places you visit. Small groups mean real experiences, less fuss and better trips.


In some areas the standards can be pretty basic (a felucca on the Nile, for example) but the experiences are epic. You’ll also get the chance to stay overnight with local families on a few of our trips, which involves tasty home cooking and maybe a bit of traditional entertainment.  


It’s all about getting the lay of the land using local transport. This means you’ll get on and off everything from buses, bikes, boats, trains, ferries, gondolas, cable cars, horse-drawn carriages and the occasional camel.

Can you sort out my other travel arrangements?

(It’s not that I’m lazy, I just can’t be bothered)

Yep. Technically we’re a full-service travel agency, so we can competitively arrange all the travel-agent-esque details for you – international flights, transfers, travel insurance, visas and extra accommodation before/after your trip.

Of course, you could do it yourself but this way you get more time to plot your adventure, rather than fuss about the details of getting there. If you’ve got a group of three or more people (friends/family/your local cat fanciers’ club) then we can run a private trip just for you. The best part is, we can tailor the itinerary to your interests – be it family history, white-water rafting or rare hairless cat breeds.