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Bobo Dioulasso's music
Tiebele's traditional adobe houses

Welcome to Burkina Faso

From the lush rainforest of the southwest to the central savannah, to the northern sahel, Burkina Faso’s a varied, varying joy of a country. But some things are constant: this is a welcoming and culturally innovative place, oozing a love of the good things in life – of friendship and community, artistic creation and, perhaps above all else, music. There’s even music in the names of towns and cities: Bobo-Dioulasso and Ouagadougou, each of them home to a bubbling brew of talent, where street-life often comes with a celebratory feel. You’ll be welcomed into the mix, making days and nights of exploration as entertaining and exotic as you could wish for. And away from the cities, Burkina Faso delivers beauty, from naturally arresting moments such as the Banfora rock formations to the glorious creations of the inventive, artistic locals – head to the remote south to see the extraordinary frescoes of Tiebele for all the proof you need.

Burkina Faso Tours

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