Meet the Rellies

Why We Love It

A first visit to Africa is an eye-opening experience. There isn’t a continent richer in human culture, diverse scenery and, of course, wild animals. For me and my David Attenborough-worshipping travel companion, the animals were everything. We chose Kenya, in the hope that this requirement would be fulfilled, and, boy, was it! We travelled safari style, on the back of a large overland truck with a guide, cook and driver. All locals. Our guide, Edward, proved to be invaluable for wildlife spotting; he had the uncanny ability to spot a cheetah’s ear through thick undergrowth from three miles away, and possessed an encyclopedic knowledge of all the flora and fauna. We visited Lake Nakuru, Lake Navasha, the Masai Mara and Samburu National Reserve. There was a highlight in every park. Most memorable were: Being absolutely surrounded by a herd of over a hundred elephants. Watching a mother Cheetah feed her two cubs in the shade of a thorn bush. A gnarly old lion using our truck as shade; we were so close I could have leaned over and given him a scratch behind the ears. Taking a photo at Lake Nakuru that had flamingo, Rhino, Wart Hog, Buffalo, Zebra and Gazelle all in one frame. Having a midnight call of nature at the Masai Mara campsite and running into the seven foot Masai warrior paid to guard us. I screamed in surprise. He didn’t. And, best of all, seeing my David Attenborough-worshipping friend cry with every one of these experiences, and many more. Africa can be a very emotional experience.