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Our South Africa Tours

This Trip is In-Tents
4 days from US $622
Cape Expectations
21 days from US $2160
The Grape Escape
13 days from US $1575
Parks & Recreation
9 days from US $1250
Kudu You Think You Are - Reverse
22 days from US $2400
Kudu You Think You Are
22 days from US $2260
Caped Crusading
45 days from US $5140
Supersized Africa
60 days from US $8145
Supersized Africa - Reverse
60 days from US $7660
Coastin' the Cape
17 days from US $2300
Crazy Circle of Life
18 days from US $1850
Where the Wild Things Are
10 days from US $1125
Delta & Victoria
10 days from US $1025
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Great value for money.surpassed our expectations!

Brigid, 22 Jan, 2014
This Trip is In-Tents

Great trip experiencing what Africa really has to offer! Gecko's hosts ensured we were well accommodated, safe and enjoying every moment of our trip with lots of laughter! Local guides were very information providing every opportunity to see the local wildlife.

Roslyn, 18 Feb, 2014
Delta & Victoria

Cape Town - South Africa's 'Mother City'
Drakensberg's flat-topped mountains
Blyde River Canyon - the largest green canyon in the world
Hluhluwe-Imfolozi National Park
Wildlife safari in Greater Kruger National Park
The cultural history of South Africa's 'City of Gold' Johannesburg
Board an ostrich in South Africa
Cintsa East, the Wild Coast
Make friends at Addo Elephant Park in South Africa
Painted heroes
Cape crusades

Welcome to South Africa

Travel to South Africa to see the place that shaped one of the world’s most respected men - Nelson Mandela.

On a Geckos tour of South Africa you’ll get close to formidable predators on game drives in Kruger National Park, be a part of the café set in Cape Town, chill out in multicultural Durban, take in gasp-worthy views at Blyde River Canyon and swim, surf and cycle the Wild Coast.

From the bushveld dominated by the animal kingdom to villages owned by small but strong communities, and complex cities that humanity has claimed solely for itself, South Africa is a complicated equation best worked through with patience and a smile.

A land of extremes, dedicate some time to getting to know South Africa, and you’ll be paid back with travel memories that will keep you grinning for years to come. People will wonder why you’re smiling weirdly to yourself and you’ll have South Africa to thank for it.

Just don’t do it in job interviews.           


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South Africa Tours

Countries visited: South Africa
4 days
Jo’burg to Kruger National Park and back – game viewing and bird spotting to the max. Lions, elephants, leopards, crocs, cheetahs, hyenas, giraffes, rhinos, zebras,...
Countries visited: Lesotho, Mozambique, South Africa, Swaziland
21 days
Glorious coastlines, mystical mountain kingdoms and all manner of wild beasts – this little ditty has it all. Cruise through Kruger, swing through Swaziland, mosey about a...
Countries visited: Lesotho, South Africa
13 days
Discover Durban’s urban scene then make for the Drakensberg mountain range. Lord it up in the Kingdom of Lesotho’s stately highlands. Spot elephants and lesser-sized...
Countries visited: Mozambique, South Africa, Swaziland
9 days
Head from Jo’burg’s urban jungle to Kruger’s rural plains – anything that’s bitey hangs here. Things that are horny (rhinos) do their own hanging in...
Countries visited: Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Zimbabwe
22 days
Zip up north from Cape Town into Namibia and chill by the banks of the Orange River – scenic it is, orange it ain’t. Clamber up Sossusvlei’s dunes for sunrise,...
Countries visited: Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Zimbabwe
22 days
Vic Falls down to Cape Town. Game drive in Chobe National Park, paddle a mokoro through the Okavango Delta, walk/sandboard/tumble down the Sossusvlei sand dunes. Meet the San...
Countries visited: Botswana, Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, South Africa
45 days
The party gets started in Nairobi, moves into Tanzania and doesn’t let up ‘til South Africa. Meet the cast of The Lion King in Ngorongoro, the Serengeti, Chobe and the...
Countries visited: Botswana, Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, Rwanda
60 days
If you only take home one piece of African wisdom let it be this: 'The buttocks are like a married couple. Though there is constant friction between them they will still love and live together.'
Countries visited: Botswana, Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, Rwanda
60 days
Cape Town is real priddy – love it then leave it for sandboarding in Swakopmund and the San bushmen in the Kalahari. Hippos in the Okavango, rhinos in Matobo National Park,...
Countries visited: South Africa
17 days
This tour is operated by Bazbus in South AFrica. A Geckos local Tour Guide will accompany you on this journey though South Africa.
Countries visited: Botswana, South Africa, Zimbabwe
18 days
Jo’burg brims with museums – if you don’t feel like visiting them on day 1, you can at the end. Head out rhino-spotting at dusk to see them at their sexiest....
Countries visited: Botswana, South Africa, Zimbabwe
10 days
See ‘The Smoke that Thunders’ in Vic Falls. Spot elephants galore in Hwange National Park and rhinos en masse in Matobo National Park. Drop in on the Big 5 in Kruger...
Countries visited: Botswana, South Africa, Zimbabwe
10 days
Whatever time you get in, we guarantee Jo’burg will be there to meet you at the airport. Botswana’s Khama Rhino Santuary specialises in rhinos, the Okavango Delta is...


Spot lions stalking wildebeest through the Serengeti or climb the snow-capped summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania; watch wildlife from a dugout canoe drifting through the Okavango Delta in Botswana; feel the power of the massive Victoria Falls; dive the coral coast and explore the colonial past of Zanzibar; stroll the sea lion-strewn Skeleton Coast and sandboard the great dunes of Namibia; snorkel and bask by the idyllic Lake Malawi; meet Masai warriors and spot big game on safari in Kenya, trek through lush forests and sit amongst wild gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda, and sip top-notch wine while watching world cup soccer in South Africa; from beautiful sunrise to epic sunset, Africa will captivate your senses and inspire your soul.

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