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Mt Kilimanjaro Trek

8 days

Mount Kilimanjaro, towering above the east African plains at 5895 metres above sea level, is the highest free-standing mountain in the world. With its classical, conical shape, it is also the highest peak in the world that can be scaled by non-technical climbers. To reach the summit you trek through a variety of vegetation zones including rainforest, open moorland and alpine desert. This six-day trek takes you up and down the Marangu Route, utilising mountain huts along the way and, most importantly, building in an acclimitisation day which enables you to more than double your chances of reaching the summit. You are supported by an experienced mountain guide and a team of porters. So get out your gaitors, store up your stamina and prepare yourself to stand atop Africa’s greatest mountain and watch the sun rise over the African plains.

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This tour operates for a minimum of two people. The tour can operate for a solo climber however a solo climber surcharge will need to be paid.