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The rolling hills ‘camp’ of the Falklands
The albatross; bird-watching in the Falklands
Shop for fine wool in Stanley

Welcome to Falkland Islands

Are you ready for the greatest wildlife show on earth? These remote islands are a natural haven for wildlife, and you’ll barely be able to click the camera shutter fast enough to capture it all.

Watch an endless parade of penguins, including the colourful king penguin, who share these islands with the world’s largest colonies of black-browed albatross.

And keep your eyes peeled offshore as well, where you can spot elephant seals, sea lions, fur seals, dolphins and killer whales as they roam the milder waters just north of the Antarctic.

You can also explore Port Stanley, the smallest and most isolated capital ‘city’ in the world!

Falkland Islands Tours


Welcome to the final frontier! As a traveller, there can be no greater voyage on earth than to conquer the mind-blowing, majestic, surreal and utterly fascinating continent of Antarctica. Leave your expectations at the door, and keep your eyes open at all times because this is truly one of life’s great journeys. From an abundance of curious, colourful wildlife to historical sites and monumental vistas this is one trip you will never forget.

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