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The king penguins of Salisbury plains
The breeding grounds of South Georgia
The grave of Shackleton

Welcome to South Georgia

Follow in the footsteps of one of the world’s greatest explorers, Sir Ernest Shackleton, as you explore the astonishing fjords and bays of this South Atlantic ark.

When it comes to the wildlife, it’s hard to know where to look – elephant and fur seals bask at your feet; a mind boggling number of albatross soar overhead while hundreds of thousands of colourful king penguins blanket the horizon against a backdrop of towering, snow-covered mountains.

History abounds as we make landfall at an abandoned whaling station and it’s every voyager’s tradition to raise a glass and toast the heroic efforts of Sir Ernest Shackleton at his grave site.

South Georgia Tours


Welcome to the final frontier! As a traveller, there can be no greater voyage on earth than to conquer the mind-blowing, majestic, surreal and utterly fascinating continent of Antarctica. Leave your expectations at the door, and keep your eyes open at all times because this is truly one of life’s great journeys. From an abundance of curious, colourful wildlife to historical sites and monumental vistas this is one trip you will never forget.

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