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The Tasmanian Devil - different to the cartoon version
The 12 Apostles (or what is left) along Victoria's Great Ocean Road
Watch out for crocs in the Northern Territory
Feel like the King of the Canyon at King's Canyon
Sitting around the Aussie campfire
Check out Aboriginal rock art
Trek the Bungle Bungles
The Twelve Apostles on the Great Ocean Road
Broome at sunset
Whale sharks in Exmouth, Western Australia
Explore the caves of Karijini in Western Australia
Florence Falls in the Top End
The top of Twin Falls in the Top End
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    16 days
    from US $2335

    The Fair Dinkum Expedition (Melbourne to Darwin)

    Countries visited: Australia
    Billabong cruises, Aboriginal rock art, Katherine Gorge, Chicken Parmas, Uluru, Adelaide and the Grampians. This is the most awesome road trip. Ever!
    6 days
    from US $785

    Devils of Tasmania

    Countries visited: Australia
    Did you know Tassie boasts the cleanest air in the world, Australia’s first casino and the world’s largest lavender farm? For a tiny island it’s got a heck of a lot of reasons to go down under. We’re...
    9 days
    from US $1970

    What a Bungle (Broome to Darwin)

    Countries visited: Australia
    Everything about Australia is huge. Epic gorges, massive lakes, long roads, tall cliffs and fat flies. The flies are so fat it makes you wonder what Aussies feed them. 
    10 days
    from US $1675

    Karajini in a Bottle (Perth to Broome)

    Countries visited: Australia
    Fun fact: The Aboriginal people have no written language of their own. Instead, they use art.
    21 days
    from US $3645

    The Best of Woop Woop (Perth to Darwin)

    Countries visited: Australia
    ‘Cos I’ve been everywhere, man. Cross the deserts bare, man. I’ve breathed the mountain air, man. Of travel, I’ve had my share, man. I’ve been ev’rywhere.’ This is where this trip will...
    15 days
    from US $2170

    The Fair Dinkum Expedition (Darwin to Melbourne)

    Countries visited: Australia
    Billabong cruises, Aboriginal rock art, Katherine Gorge, Chicken Parmas, Uluru, Adelaide and the Grampians. This is the most awesome road trip. Ever!
    3 days
    from US $685

    Hello Gorge-ous

    Countries visited: Australia
    Didgeridoos, bush tucker, waterholes, crocodiles and swags (the sleeping bag not the ’tude). Could this trip sound any more like a Paul Hogan film? 
    3 days
    from US $540

    Crazy for Kakadu

    Countries visited: Australia
    A unique opportunity to experience the ultimate Kakadu adventure
    2 days
    from US $560

    Between a Rock and a Rad Place

    Countries visited: Australia
    Explore Uluru and the breathtaking natural wonders of the Red Centre
    3 days
    from US $390

    King of the Canyon

    Countries visited: Australia
    When visiting the Red Centre, one must: go to the pub; stand in the shadow of Uluru; and spend many hours perfecting one’s fly swat. Lucky for you, this trip sees you do all...
  • Why we love Australia

    Tasmania has a siren’s call for me – it’s a place I keep returning to, and I don’t think I’ll ever feel I’ve exhausted it. The big draws are famous for a reason: go anywhere in the world, and I’ll wager you won’t come across a beach as fine as Wineglass Bay. It’s a heaven for beach lovers, but it’s not just about flopping on the sand – the Freycinet Peninsula is full of beautiful trails and is great for a paddle in a kayak. A couple of days kayaking around the peninsula’s quiet coves and headlands, camping in remote spots and starting each morning with a bracing swim is the finest way to explore one of the island’s most scenic spots. Every Australian knows that Tasmania’s centre is home to some of the country’s greatest walks. One of the best things about the place is how easy it is to get off the beaten track – the Walls of Jerusalem is a rugged pocket that treats you to tarns and cliffs, forests and peaks, and days spent exploring in near-isolation. And the nearby Lake St Clair National Park is rightly famous for its mountainous climbs and multi-day treks. I’ve walked here many times – be prepared for wet weather – and this land gives you an appreciation of just how rich and diverse Australia is – landscapes of green and blue that remind me of northern Europe or Patagonia, as far removed from the country’s red heart as you can imagine. Travel to the Northern Territory and everything is different. Nights spent under gum trees, ancient rock art and blood-red cliffs towering above gorges – whether you’re on the Larapinta Trail, around Katherine or in Kakadu, the mix of landscapes and history, and the experience of just being in these special places, leaves such a deep impression. By day all these destinations keep you busy with loads of amazing scenery, but it’s the night I love most, when I feel closest to my surroundings – getting comfortable as the stars bloom and the night turns inky black, the sounds changing and seeming to become louder, the air a little colder. Follow up a night under the stars with an early morning dip and you’ve got everything that’s great about being outdoors in Australia – by turns relaxing and invigorating, a world away from the urban daily grind, and yet just on your doorstep.

    Safety information

    Your safety is our top priority. It’s one of the main things we consider when designing and operating our trips. Here’s some of the ways we help to keep you safe, and a few of the things you can do to make your trip memorable for all the right reasons. Before you travel We monitor travel alerts provided by the Australian, UK, USA and Canadian governments on a daily basis. Before a tour goes on sale we assess any risks and decide how to reduce and manage these. If we determine that an entire trip, part of a trip or an activity is too risky we won’t do it. It’s as simple as that. If we can’t address the issues and improve conditions we might modify an itinerary, change the accommodation or even decide not to travel to a certain location. Our overseas staff and local leaders are trained to address any health and safety concerns during trips. Before you travel, we’ll give you an emergency phone number. You’ll also get comprehensive pre-departure information, with information about vaccinations and other relevant health issues. We’ll also tell you if there’s any special clothing or equipment you need to bring. During your trip: You local leader is trained in first aid and always carries a first aid kit. Being a local means that if something does go wrong they know fastest and most effective way to get help. We’ll also give you a 24-hour emergency number in addition to the emergency destination telephone number. What you can do: Read through all the information we send you. If you’ve got any questions we’re always available to help. Keep an eye out for travel alerts by consulting your local Foreign Office. We also monitor these daily so that we can modify tours if necessary. Get some medical travel advice about the countries you are visiting, particularly about vaccinations and the type of personal first aid kit you should carry. Make sure you tell us any medical conditions, special needs or dietary requirements you might have. Get your vaccinations and take relevant medication well before travelling so they have time to take effect.

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