The Kokoda Track - 10 day

Trek Kokoda and play soccer with the locals
Fuzzy Wuzzy football
Papua New Guinea's 'backbone' - the Owen Stanley Range
Fuzzy Wuzzy OG
Relics of the war
Blue bugs abound
Meet the locals and one of the three last remaining Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels in Menari Village
  • Everyone comes to Kokoda for a different reason – fitness, a personal challenge or to honour someone's memory. Whatever the reason, once you're on the track you'll all be united in blood, sweat and tears.


    We're one of the only companies that works with a local co-operative to make sure the community benefits directly from trekkers. Your porters and guides are direct descendants of the 'fuzzy wuzzies', who played a huge role helping Aussie troops in WWII. 


    Day 1 - Port Moresby

    Arrive whenever you like. Meet your trek leader and fellow trekkers.

    • Arrive in Port Moresby for a pre-trip briefing in the evening
    • Meet your fellow travllers, trek leader and the local trekking crew
    • Perhaps indulge in a meal with the group
    Holiday Inn Port Moresby or similar

    Day 2 - Port Moresby - Kokoda

    Take a private plane to the start of the Kokoda Track. Meet the rest of your support crew, including porters. Visit the Kokoda Memorial and War Museum to get a bit of history before you set off.

    • Board a single engine light plane and travel to Kokoda
    • Head from the airstrip to nearby Kokoda Station
    • Roam freely around the station and visit such monuments as the Kokoda Memorial and war museum
    • Make the most of an opportunity to cool off with a swim in a nearby river
    Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner

    Day 3-9 - Kokoda Track

    This is it. Good luck. See you in six days.

    Day 3

    • Commence the first day of trekking and head to Isurava village
    • Travel towards Deniki village - the first village the 39th Battalion were forced to retreat to after Japanese forces occupied Kokoda
    • Pass through Kovelo and Hoi village along the way and take the first steep ascent up the Owen Stanley Range
    • Follow the ridge around to Deniki, which sits at about 900 metres above sea level
    • Be greeted with spectacular views across Kokoda Valley at Deniki
    • Set off to Isurava village, passing through a number of choko gardens planted by Deniki and Isurava villagers

    Day 4

    • Hike to the famous battle ground and now memorial ground – the Isurava Battlefield - and see the battlefield and its surroundings
    • Learn the story of the heroic Private Kingsbury - a real estate agent who earned the Victoria Cross for his actions at Kokoda
    • Continue to Alola, a village that sits on the mountainside overlooking Iora Valley and Auberi
    • Press on to Templeton's Crossing, passing through beautiful and lush rainforest and complimented by a multitude of creeks and rivers
    • Take a break at Iora Creek, learn the history of the area, and refresh in river
    • Arrive at Templeton's Crossing II and settle into the guest house

    Day 5

    • Set off on a tough day of trekking and climb to the highest point of the trek at Mount Bellamy
    • Continue towards Digger's Camp and be accommodated at the local village guest house on arrival
    • Take a walk to Myola - a beautiful flat plain of grassland with many little creeks flowing through

    Day 6

    • Head towards Efogi village - a hike that takes about six hours
    • Start off en route to the northern face of Mount Bellamy, where views can be gained over the villages of Naduri, Kagi, Brigade Hill, Nauro and, in the distance, Imita Ridge
    • Enjoy a well-deserved rest upon reaching Efogi I
    • After a re-fuel, continue down to Efogi II and be greeted by the local village and accommodated at a cooperative guest house

    Day 7

    • Set off early and head towards the village of Menari
    • Follow the path taken by the retreating Australian soldiers up Mission Ridge
    • Look over Efogi I and II and Kagi villages and imagine the sight of 20,000 Japanese troops marching down Mount Bellamy towards Kagi village with lanterns lighting the sky
    • Reach Brigade Hill and learn the story of the Japanese soldier who hid himself in the tree trunk after losing his band of comrades in battle
    • Take a long break at Brigade Hill and head down the back of Mission Ridge for about 2 hours towards Menari village
    • Be welcomed at Menari by the local villagers and one of the three last remaining Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels, Faole Bokoi
    • Hear Faole share a few yarns about his time during the war and his involvement with the Kokoda campaign
    • Kick-start the day by climbing up to the top of Menari Ridge
    • Enjoy spectacular views towards Nauro and looking back towards Brigade Hill
    • Revel in the feeling of 'breaking the back' of the Kokoda Track
    • Enter Nauro Valley, pass through Agu Logo campsite and then cross the Brown River
    • Arrive at Nauro, home for the night, and wash of bath in the nearby stream

    Day 8

    • Start our day by tackling the Nine False Peaks to the top of Maguli Ridge
    • Pass by New Nauro village and enjoy a quick recovery break before pushing on
    • Commence the first of many descents and take the first break at Jap's Ladder
    • Continue to Ioribaiwa, the spot where Japanese troops were turned back, and stay overnight

    Day 9

    • Continue down a steep slope that leads to Uaule Creek
    • Navigate a myriad of river and creek crossings
    • Commence the trek up the back of Imita Ridge, and enjoy views of Ioribaiwa and Maguli Ridge from the summit
    • Trek down the Golden Staircase - built by Australian troops during the war to help with transporting artillery and other supplies from Port Moresby
    • Take a break and recovery at the summit of Imita Ridge before heading downhill towards the campsite at Goodwater
    • Make the final push to Owers corner
    • Stop to visit Bomana War Cemetery, where 3600 Australian soldiers were laid to rest at the end of World War II
    • Complete the Kokoda track. Relax. Cry. Sleep.
    • Meet up with the trekking team for a drink and reflect on the adventure with our new mates from Papua New Guinea
    Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner

    Day 10 - Port Moresby

    Say goodbye to the people you've met along the way.

    • The trip ends this morning
  • What's Included

    • Local tour guide, arrival transfer, transport, 2 trek food packs.

    Not Included

    • Personal porter (available for hire at additional cost), departure taxes, visas, other meals, insurance, tips, any additional optional tours or activities during free time, and spending of a personal nature.
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Plane, Private vehicle
7 nights Village hut, 2 nights Basic hotel
Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

What to know

Physical preparation is essential. You will trek on terrain with plenty of ascents and descents, often on steep and narrow trails.

Please note that on our special Anzac Day departure, there may be amendments to our itinerary. Due to high volume of trekkers on the Kokoda Track at this time, exact overnight locations and itinerary cannot be guaranteed and flexibility is required.

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