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Top 5 unusual things to do in Buenos Aires

Preparing for a visit to Buenos Aires? Here are five of the more unusual things to do: 

Tango Show at Cafe de los Angelitos
A tango show in Buenos Aires  is an obvious must, but this cafe offers incredible tango shows on a nightly basis. On par with Broadway productions the venue has an opera house feel with an extravagantly decorated stage and recessed second story alcove for the band set into it. The performers, accompanied by live music and stunning male and female vocalists, will pluck at your heart strings with passionate, lustful tango performances that will leave you dizzy and delighted. The main show consists of five couples who do a series of group and individual performances while being accompanied by some of the regions best live tango singers. All the while waiters who are dressed in turn-of-the-century outfits will ensure your comfort and take care of your needs.

San Telmo –  Buenos Aires' oldest Bario
This area offers a gorgeous European feel with ancient stone buildings, winding streets, and a wealth of small shops, restaurants, and cafes. While not as picturesque as Palermo's tree lined avenues and cafes it has a rich feel and is full of history, culture, and great hole-in-the-wall eateries. If you're looking for the heart of Buenos Aires, this is where it's hidden away.

The San Telmo market
Every Sunday nearly a mile long segment of the city's streets are shut down and dedicated to the sprawling San Telmo outdoor market. Though it starts in the normal market square the Sunday market shouldn't be missed and should be explored in its entirety. There is an abundance of antiques, tango keepsakes, hand crafts, and old gaucho equipment.

The Buenos Aires pub crawl
If you're in the mood to experience Buenos Aires' rich night life then a pub crawl is the way to do it. Join up with an army of 20-30 something travellers as they wind their way through the city's watering holes. Famous for its night life, things don't get started in Buenos Aires until well after 11pm and seldom end before 7 or 8 in the morning. This is a party you won't soon forget!

Parque Tierra Santa
Balance a night of drinking and dancing with a visit to one of the first religious theme parks in the world. This oddity was constructed in 2000 and boasts a sprawling park located between the airport and, believe it or not, a giant water park. Whether you’re religious or not, the park, with its 18 metre tall Christ, animatronic scenes, fiberglass citizens and park security dressed as Roman soldiers will keep you entertained for hours.

Buenos Aires has a lot to offer. With rich historical, cultural, culinary and social options, the biggest challenge isn't finding something to do, it's deciding how you'll manage to make time for all the things you need to experience and explore!

This blog was written by Alex Berger, the author of the travelogue Alex has travelled extensively with a focus on Europe and the Americas. He is in the process of relocating from Scottsdale, Arizona to Denmark to pursue his Master's Degree. For more from Alex you can also check him out on Twitter @alexberger

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