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Filipino fact file

The Philippines has just become our newest destination, and we’re excited about our trips there: beach out in Borocay then swim with whale sharks at Donsol; walk the Banaue rice terraces before taking a hike on fiery Mayon Volcano – the islands have energy, diversity and spectacle to spare. Take a look here for more details, but rather than us going on about how great the place is, below are a few random facts to whet your appetite.

  • There are some 7,100 islands in the Philippines archipelago – mash them together and you’d have a land mass the size of Italy.
  • The Philippines has the fifth longest coastline of any country – more than Australia and nearly twice that of the USA.
  • The country was named after King Philip II of Spain.
  • Over 80 percent of the people in Philippines Roman are Catholics.
  • Big in Japan, but not from there: the Philippines claims the karaoke as its own invention, created in the late 1970s and originally called the ‘sing-a-long system’.
  • Textual healing: every year, more text messages are sent in the Philippines than the total number of messages sent in the USA and Europe combined.
  • You know from the flag when the Philippines is at war – it’s the only country that displays its flag upside-down (red stripe on top) during times of conflict.

So now you know. Oh, and when you’re refuelling in this country of white-sand beaches, colonial architecture and volcanic highlands, be sure to look out for bopis and lambanog on the menu– fried pig’s lungs and coconut wine respectively. Breakfast of champions!

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