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Caption this! Baby elephant

Our latest "Caption This" on Facebook was a super cute one, and got lots of funny responses. We've posted them here. Do you have a caption to add? Leave it in the comments section below.

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Lucy Hawthorne: Mmmm...milk
Gail Ryder: "I hate when you don't LISTEN to me! lol
Halina Milligan: Now where did I put my peanut?
Kellyann Armstrong: Stop hiding the CHOCOLATE!!!!
Dave Hudson Snr: I said pull my finger. Are you even listening?
Jacqui Larmand Hill: Can you hear me now?
Hiten Naik: I will fix that headache mom!
Patricia Conti:" I said, a cotton bud please!
Iane Schwerin: I'm sure you ears aren't painted on....
Diane S Anderson: Can you hear me now?
Leearne Hill: MUM!!!
Kristin Erickson: Mom, mom,mom,mom,mommy,mommommy. Maybe, if I say mom in her ear she will listen? MOM!
Tamara MFmonster Al: Elephant style Q-tip! Elephants need to clean their ears too.
Courtz Van Der Meulen: Mum... Mum are you listening???
Amy Van Berkel: A game of 'Chinese Whispers'
Unita Gobert Esau: Do you want to know a secret?
Melissa Robertson: Next time I'll just clean my room instead of asking for the alternative.
Damien Keith Maynard: Pssst! There are bald, white monkeys watching us!
Debbie Irvine: you see the one in the blue shirt ? I think he's flirting with you
Karen Dungey-Franks: I put my peanuts in there yesterday, so why aren't they in there today!!
Julie Roughley: There's a bear in there, and chair as pass the song along Mum, pretty please.
Louise Martin: One step, two step and tickle you under there!!!
Sam Baker: Tickle, tickle, tickle...
Lisa Lee: Awwwwww :)
Bernie Nugent: They're right Mum our ears ARE shaped like Africa! And I've just located Ngorongoro!!!
Gavin Hughes: Is there anything else to eat please!
Carol Whitford: Ah c'mon mum let me clean ya ear out
Gail Godden: I'm just waving to Dad!
Gavin Hughes: I wonder whether if I stick that in there it will come out the other side.
Tony Colgan: Are we there yet?
Dave Milotic: Mum can you please take this blue blanket off me, it is sooo embarrassing..... it clashes with my nail polish
Ann MacLean: Thanks guys for all your wonderful photos.
Vicki Walker: I said "Get over here!" not "Get over ear!"
Fulvia Romani Peregin: I think I found the missing peanut Mum..."
Grace McCallum: It's not JUST Kevin Rudd that likes eating ear wax!

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