Blog Posts for Australia

  • Notes from the road: Saying goodbye to travel

    Brendan van Son is a travel writer and photographer from Alberta, Canada.  For more from him check out his website Brendan's Adventures and "Like" him on Facebook.

    We so often talk about the things we learn and experience on the road. We gain so much out of the travel experience that it's often impossible to explain the gravity of the lessons learned on the road to people when we come home.

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  • Interview with Caz and Craig from Ytravel

    Today's interview is from the constant travellers Caz and Craig Makepeace. Their Ytravel Blog is one of the most well written, inspiring travel blogs on the planet, and has a very vocal following. For more on them you can also find them on their interactive Facebook fanpage and on Twitter

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  • Anzac biscuits

    Okay, so not all of us can make it to Gallipoli for the Dawn Service on 25th April, so here’s another way to commemorate the courage and sacrifice of those who gave their lives in conflict. Tastier too, and you’ll be following a time-honoured tradition: these biscuits (cookies) were invented and sent to loved ones during World War I as the ingredients were able to withstand the long sea journey from Australia to Turkey without spoiling.

    Tastes best when you share them with some veterans.

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