How to bring back more than just souvenirs

There are numerous reasons why we love to travel abroad; from soaking up the sun for a week in a luxury Spanish resort, to spending a month exploring Mayan ruins in Mexico, with nothing but a backpack for company.

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Image of the week: Cuba

Take a look around Cuba

The locals in Cuba are as curious about you as you are about them. Bridge the gap over a glass of mojito and a rumba on the dancefloor, and see what all the fuss is about. Charming and seductive one minute, bold and sassy the next – Cuba is a place that few visitors ever forget. Take a look at our trips to Cuba and discover it for yourself

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How to find the best souvenirs in South America

Wacky, tacky, silly or's pretty rare that you'll return from your travels without some sort of souvenir. If you're in South America, chances are you'll have limited space in your backpack. So here's our guide to some of the best items to scour the shops and markets for in each country. 

Happy haggling!

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Where to recover after Rio Carnival

You've danced, shimmied, strutted and grooved your way across the Sambodrome. You've made new friends, eaten incredible street food, marvelled at the gorgeous Brazilian dancers and sworn you would go on a diet the minute you get home.

But the Carnival is over. So now what? 

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Street art, sundowners & surf: Cape Town's hidden gems

Go beyond the highlights and get into some of the awesome street art, shopping, food and culture that Cape Town has to offer. We'll get you away from the crowds, around the traditional wine routes andoff the beaten track.

Before brekky
Get up and at 'em early today, cos you might be feeling the effects of a few South African wines tomorrow morning. But before we get to that, it's time to get amongst Cape Town's thriving bean scene.

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Image of the week: Blue Mosque, Istanbul

You probably know the Sultan Ahmed Mosque by its more popular name, the Blue Mosque. The interior of one of Istanbul’s most iconic sites is adorned with over 20,000 handmade ceramic tiles. The upper levels are awash with blue paint and sunlight streams in through more than 200 stained glass windows.

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Wanna go or already been: Japan

Japan - bright and bubbly, weird and wonderful. With Gecko's, we'll take you off the beaten track and show you some of the hidden gems. You'll be overwhelmed by elegant Kyoto and its ancient traditions. Head into the pristine highlands to experience timeless rural hospitality.

We'll take you up Mt Fuji to watch the sunrise, and into the modern chaos of Tokyo. Let off some steam in the ryokan steam baths. And stay overnight on Miyajima island, home to maple tree valleys, wild monkeys, Sika deer, temples and shrines.

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Europe's Top 5 unique architectural secrets

It's no secret that Europe is home to some of the world's most incredible architecture - The Colosseum, Notre-Dame de Paris, Sagrada Família among others. But you don't need to be an expert to enjoy some of the lesser known marvels.

Take a look at these five examples of some of Europe's hidden architectural secrets. Get off the beaten track, veer away from the crowds and come home with a little bit of culture under your belt.

The Dancing House, Frank Gehry - Prague

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Insider tells: The hidden secrets of Positano

When most people look at a picture of Positano, they see the famous beach, the gorgeous waters of the Mar Tirreno or the beautiful buildings stacked one upon the other in the town’s signature fashion.

But Peregrine local leader Francesco Carpegna saw something quite literally beyond the obvious; the mountains behind Positano, and the untold possibilities they held.

A lifelong passion
Francesco has been leading Peregrine trips in the area for five years and the Lattari Mountains are his passion.

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