Museums: Culture on display

For the shy traveller who wants to fully immerse him or herself in a country’s culture but is afraid to share their life story over a falafel with a local, I would suggest stepping through the doors of a museum, otherwise known as culture on display.

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The EAMO experience

I recently came back from East Africa after exploring the region on the 15-day Masai Mara & Mountain Gorillas trip. One of my stand-out experiences was the time we spent at the East Africa Mission Orphanage in Nakuru, Kenya. Here's a bit about how I spent my time at this special place...

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Five top adventure activities in South Africa

For most people, boarding a plane to South Africa is adventure enough. After all, if you believe all you hear about our beautiful country, you’ll be running from lions in the streets, dodging bullets in your hotels and (for the men) holding on to your tackle in case someone decides to steal it. Yes, South Africa is one of the most dangerous countries in the world.

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Why We Love It: Spain

Here's the next in our Why We Love It series. In each of these blogs, we ask a Peregrine team member to tell you about their favourite place in the world. Today's blog has a focus Spain:

Spain moves to a different rhythm than the rest of Europe. ‘Africa begins at the Pyrenees’ was the old saying of Europeans to the east and north of Iberian Peninsula. As demeaning as that sentiment might be, there is something ‘other’ about Spain and the Spanish. And that’s why I love it.

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Group travel is fun travel!

I don’t have any money. I’m at uni. I have to work. Do these sound like familiar excuses for not travelling? Excellent, then it's time to make new friends!

If the thought of travelling on your own is a little too scary, because the biggest step towards commitment you’ve taken in the past two years is a phone contract, then fear not hearty traveller. Group tours have it all sorted and by the end you’ll be wishing you didn’t have to leave.

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Flying with kids: 5 must-bring items

Going on a long flight with kids can be a wonderful adventure. It can also be stressful and exhausting. To make it easier, it’s a good idea to prepare yourself and your kids ahead of time by talking about what will happen on your trip, both at the airport and on board the plane. It also helps to bring some useful items with you in your hand luggage.

Here are five items I always put in my carry-on:

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A local's guide to Istanbul

Jessica Tamtürk is a journalist who has lived in Istanbul for five years. She has the first-hand knowlege and insight to help travellers make the most of their time in this fascinating country. She sat down and answered a few questions that might help with your next visit. 

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Get packing for South America

From high-alt trekking in Machu Picchu to pumping, party town Rio de Janeiro, in a region as diverse as South America the key to packing is versatility and covering your bases. In a nutshell it should be: versatile, lightweight clothing, essential first aid and medical supplies, trekking/high altitude basics plus lots of stuff to keep you entertained on those long-distance bus trips.

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Explore the Dordogne

Visiting the Dordogne for the first time is an experience few forget. This enchanting region of France seems to exist purely for those who enjoy the simple things in life - walking, eating, history and stunning landscapes.

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Eat, shop and party in Hong Kong!

With it’s eclectic mash-up of cultures, international shopping mecca status, and cutting edge art and style vultures, there are more reasons to visit Hong Kong than ever in the Year of the Dragon.

Here are our shopping, food and nightlife picks:

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