Interview with a travel activist

Tell us a little bit about yourself.  Who are you? What do you do? What is your favourite animal?
I’ve been living in South Africa since I was nearly seven, having emigrated from England with my family, so I pretty much call South Africa home. As a 35-year old, I’ve been fortunate enough to do a fair bit of travelling both within South Africa and internationally, and the travel bug has certainly bitten.

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Let it rain! See South East Asia in the wet season

South East Asia in the wet season is not all waterlogged Birkenstock’s, mudslides and mosquitoes.

Hitting the tropics during the rainy months can mean much more bang for your buck - miles of beach without so much as another Bintang beach towel in sight, photos of Angkor Wat refreshingly free of other tourists’ heads and more sunshine than you might expect!

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Go behind the scenes with Gecko's

Take a sneak peek into life on the road with Gecko's. Our awesome new video takes you behind the scenes as a small group tour discovers the delights of Cambodia.

Fila is one of our passionate local leaders, and here he takes you into his village to meet some friendly faces and even some of the local wildlife...of the eight-legged variety if you know what I mean!

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Why Laos and Thailand are great for family vacations

Today's guest bloggers are the Bohemian Family, consisting of five adventurers - mum, dad and three boys. They started a quest to escape the rat race five years ago in Costa Rica and haven't looked back since. By sharing their experiences they hope others will be encouraged to attempt a life of permanent adventure.

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Scrubbing the day away in a Moroccan hammam

While it was the gigantic photo of Harvey Keitel in a bathrobe that drew us in, it was the experience of being scrubbed, sloughed, soaped and steamed into oblivion that made us rave.

If you're visiting Marrakech, you owe it to yourself to visit a hammam. This is a traditional Moroccan bathhouse, where you will leave with the fresh, glowing skin of a newborn.

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Croatia's charming coastal towns

With more than 5,000 kilometres of coastline and 1,200 islands, one of the true highlights of a trip to Croatia is exploring the historic, charming, medieval towns dotted along the coastline. Jump on a boat and go island-hopping, where you'll enjoy some of Croatia’s famed fresh seafood and crisp regional wines as you meander along its sun-drenched Adriatic coast.

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Eating your way through Italy

Italy’s rich food and wine heritage is as diverse as it is delicious! There’s no better way to experience the authentic culture and tradition of Italy’s regions than by following your nose and your tastebuds on the Italian food trail.

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Meet the Leader – Shaq from East Africa

Shaq (that's him on the right!) is one of our most popular tour leaders, and it's easy to see why. He's warm, approachable, funny and most of all...extremely knowledgeable. 

We had a chat to Shaq, and asked him a few questions to give you a better insight into what he loves the most about his home country, Uganda.

How did you come to work with Gecko's?

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Camping with kids

There's two sorts of camping: the dreamy, childhood version where a canopy of stars shines over a warm, open fire while darling babies sleep soundly in their tents. And then there's the reality.

Camping with kids required the organisational skills of an event planner, and more sanitary wipes than you can fit into the average ocean liner.

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3 tips for taking great photos while travelling light

I recently decided to travel around Australia for a year. For this occasion I started the blog iPhoneography Oz, a photo project that allows me to keep a souvenir of my trip. It is also a way to keep in touch with my family while allowing them to follow my adventures.

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