Camping with kids

There's two sorts of camping: the dreamy, childhood version where a canopy of stars shines over a warm, open fire while darling babies sleep soundly in their tents. And then there's the reality.

Camping with kids required the organisational skills of an event planner, and more sanitary wipes than you can fit into the average ocean liner.

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3 tips for taking great photos while travelling light

I recently decided to travel around Australia for a year. For this occasion I started the blog iPhoneography Oz, a photo project that allows me to keep a souvenir of my trip. It is also a way to keep in touch with my family while allowing them to follow my adventures.

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A Day in Delhi

Arguably no other city in the world offers such dramatic contrasts than Delhi – comprised as it is of two worlds, the old and the new, each representing vastly different histories, influences and ways of life. New Delhi, with its pristine wide streets was built as the imperial capital of India by the British; centuries old, chaotic Old Delhi on the other hand, was the capital of Islamic India.

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Top 5 Apps for Travel in China

No need to weigh down your backpack with chunky Chinese dictionaries and guide books anymore. All the info you need for your travel in China can be at your finger tips… and in your pocket for less than $20.

Here are our Top 5 picks:

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Interview with a documentary photographer

Brendan van Son spoke to Maja Zonjic, a documentary photographer and filmmaker. She gives some great hints about how to get the best out of not only the landscapes, but the people you are photographing while you're away. She also has some good advice about equipment and accessories for the budding or professional photographer.

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Monkly business in Burma: Part 2

Here's part two of Ewen Bell's blog about Burma. Read Part 1 here to get the whole story.

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South Africa Q&A with Skye Rogers

Monkly business in Burma: Part 1

After four days in Burma I had learned almost nothing of the country or its people. My tour guide was Junta Government approved, a well to-do girl of significant privilege and very little imagination. She was not unaware of the political drama that has unfolded in Burma during recent decades, but was clearly unaffected by it. So one afternoon I escaped the organised tour to search for the real Yangon, and I found him sitting beside a stupa.

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Oklahoma Indian country: Part 2

Yesterday, Tom Neal Tacker took you on a journey through Oklahoma. Today, the journey continues with part two...

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The secret coast of Western Cape

South Africa's Western Cape is full of well-known areas such as the Winelands and the Garden Route but the West Coast still remains a local secret. This stunning coastline consists of long, empty beaches and sleepy fishing villages - it's where locals go on holiday!

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