What it's like to honeymoon in Africa

So...the wedding's over, the gifts have been opened, the hangover has receded and you're still picking bits of confetti out of your hair. What next? The honeymoon of course! While all the rest of your guests have to go back to the daily grind, the two of you get to jet off somewhere fabulous and bask in the glow of marital bliss (or just sleep for a week cos you're so exhausted).

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Image of the week: Bolivian salt flats

It might look like a dream, but the Salar de Uyuni salt flat in Bolivia is real. And it’s spectacular.

The world's largest salt flat spans 10,582 square kilometres and it’s one of the most fun places in the world to take photos. 

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Rituals of the whales

Argentina's Peninsula Valdes is renowned as one of the world's finest whale-watching destinations. For about six months of each year - from June to December - southern right whales crowd its protected bays, providing local tour boats with guaranteed sightings.

But outside the whale-watching season, an even grander ocean spectacle takes place around this pimple of barren land, midway between Buenos Aires and the southern tip of South America.

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Morocco gets the Hipstamatic treatment

Amber's one of our faves here in the Gecko's office. And when she showed us these awesome Hipstamatic prints she took on her recent trip to Morocco we couldn't resist sharing.

Yes, yes...we all know Instagram is the flavour of the month. But Hipstamatic has been around for yonks, and as you can see it was the perfect app to capture the 11-day Backroads of Morocco trip through Amber's eyes.

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Why we love it: Nepal

It's time for another in our popular Why We Love It series. This time the focus is on Nepal. These blogs were all written by passionate Peregrine staffers who fell in love with a particular place around the world.

Step inside Nepal and discover the exotic, chaotic beauty:

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Image of the week: Burma

Imagine going from utter darkness to watching the sun wash over thousands of temples in Burma, illuminating them before your very eyes. This is the Peregrine experience. And this is why you can't afford to miss the beauty of Burma.

Our image of the week is by our very own San Khoo.

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Travel diary from Tordi Gahr, India

While the Gecko's film crew were capturing their brilliant footage of India, two members of the group they travelled with kept a fascinating travel diary.

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Packing tips for India

India is top of many people’s ‘must see’ list, a truly exotic and colourful country steeped in history. It’s the kind of place where you want to be gazing at the sights, not frantically searching the shops for eye drops!

I’ve put together a list of the essential items you should pack, so you can relax and enjoy the scenery, knowing you’ve got everything you’ll need.

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The best of Burma

Zoe Rees recently returned from the 15-day Best of Burma trip. She sat down and answered a few questions, giving a really good insight into a fascinating place that we still don't know much about. 

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EAMO: An orphanage changing lives in Kenya and Australia

After a Gecko's trip visiting the East Africa Mission Orphanage in Nakuru, Kenya, Ann Treloar's life will never be the same. Since her first visit, Ann has volunteered at the orphanage and is currently back in her hometown of Melbourne fundraising for a new library for the EAMO kids.

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