What's New in the ‘Stans’?

Central Asia now seems at the distant periphery of the world, but at one time it was the centre of culture and contemporary thought. Discover the blue domes and mosaics of Silk Road architecture. Bargain amongst the locals in vast and varied bazaars. Trek and ride horses through mountain forest reserves. Camp by a desert crater licked by the ‘flames of hell’. Take lunch on a daybed in the shade of a walnut grove.

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Mesmerising Mongolia

Mongolia is one steppe beyond – a place where myth and reality collide. On our three new magnificent Mongolian trips you’ll get so far off the beaten track there’s no track at all...

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The Essence of China

Spend 18 days delving into China’s most remarkable sights – discovering the Essence of China along the way.

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Pack the kids! Unbeatable family adventures

Our new family brochure is out, so in a leap of incredible imagination, we thought we’d run through five of our favourite moments from our adventures for the whole tribe.

Meet the king of the swingers in Borneo

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Kai Pad Med Mamuang - Thai Chicken and Cashew Nuts

Serves 4
This is a Thai classic of chicken and cashew nuts that is simply irresistible - we love it! For us at Gecko's, the flavours are synonymous with Thailand and you can judge any restaurant by their interpretation of this dish.

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Six great foodie cities

Sometimes the joy of travel equals the joy of eating. Discovery, mixing with the locals, taking a chance that gloriously pays off – adventurous travelling and emboldened eating share the same delights. Here’s a globetrotting selection of some cities where we particularly enjoy what’s on the menu.


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Sara Reeves and West Africa

Sara Reeves has an extremely enviable job – Gecko’s Destination Manager for Africa. Sara is in charge of putting together all our Africa itineraries; this naturally involves lots of trips to Africa…all in the name of research.

We had a chat to Sara about her recent travels to West Africa and this is what she had to say:

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On the road – two months in the life of a Destination Manager

I’ve had all sorts of jobs here at Peregrine, but my current role as Destination Manager for the Middle East and North Africa is the most fun (and hard work!).  I’ve recently returned from two months in the region and thought I’d give you an insight into what we do on our overseas trips.

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Cusco, the past and the present

I can clearly remember the moment I fell in love with Cusco. I was exploring the narrow back lanes with my camera, focusing on a building where the original 600-year-old Inca footings became the foundations of a 400-year-old Spanish colonial casa, when I felt I was being watched.

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The Ancient Art of ‘Carpet-Bagging’ in Morocco

Whenever I go away to some far-flung part of the world, I always like to come back with some reminder of my travels. Shopping for me (and I’m showing my feminine side here) is all part of the fun of exploring the local culture.

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