5 important things to know before visiting Russia

Visiting Russia is like entering a whole new world of adventure. It has beautiful architecture, incredible food and amazing art. While Russia is one of the most exciting places to visit in Europe, there are a few important things to know to help you avoid any hassle and make your trip more enjoyable.

Register your visa and/or keep your travel receipts 

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Sail Greece with your mates!

Everyone knows a small group tour is fun. There's the chance to meet new people, make connections, find a place to crash when you visit a new country and maybe even hook up! But sometimes you just wanna travel with the people you know and love.

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Why all the savvy travellers are heading to Egypt

If you've been dreaming of a trip to Egypt, now is the perfect time to go. The revolutionary dust has settled, hope is in the air, and people coming here are quickly discovering they've made a fantastic holiday choice.

Smart travellers make smart choices. And they know there's an amazing, affordable, life-changing experience awaiting them. 

Here are five reasons why you should visit Egypt right now:

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A tri-nation celebration: Part 2

Here's Part 2 of Robert Upe's article about his experiences on Peregrine's Best of East Africa trip. Read Part 1 here

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Balance out in bali

Two months after making the bold move from the USA to Malaysia (not any easy transition!) my husband and I were in need of a vacation that would balance us back out. We decided on Bali to seek out some of that famous body, mind and spirit rejuvenation the island is famous for.

We spent the first few days in a relaxing transition at our beautiful beach hotel in Nusa Dua, where our main priorities were eating fresh mangos and bananas, taking long walks and applying tons of sunscreen.

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A tri-nation celebration: Part 1

Across cultures and ecosystems, Robert Upe takes a 2000-kilometre road trip through Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda.

There's a thunderclap and in an instant raindrops the size of marbles are pelting down, turning the dusty red Ugandan soil to sticky mud. The storm soaks me faster than I can tie a shoelace.

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Take your mum to Europe

Central Europe is the Europe you would have imagined all your life. There is something hauntingly spectacular about cities like Vienna and Prague that make you see what classic beauty truly is. 

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The faces of Africa

Saskia van Waaijenburg is one of our most passionate Gecko's travellers. She has been on countless journeys, meeting hundreds of people and taking thousands of photos along the way.

Take a look at the faces of Africa, in this stunning set of images kindly supplied to us by Saskia. So many emotions can be seen - joy, curiosity and something in the face of one little girl that seems to be hard to define. One thing's for sure, the memory of these faces will stay with you forever.

Take a look...

Making many friends with the local children

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Set sail in Croatia

If the thought of cruising around the Adriatic in a yacht with a cocktail in your hand, a bunch of new friends by your side and the warm sun reflecting off the turquoise water doesn't sound appealing, then it's best you stop reading now.

Because this is exactly what you can expect on a sail around Croatia. With more than 1,180 islands and over 3,000 miles of coastline, getting out on the water is the best way to see it all. 

Here's some of the things you can expect:

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Africa - take a closer look

There's no place on earth quite like Africa. From wildlife to deserts to mountains and beyond, once Africa has touched your heart she never lets go.

For many, it's a dream they don't ever intend to fulfil. Price, distance and the sheer other-worldiness means many of us think, "I'd love to go, but probably never will." Well, now is the time. Don't wait any longer.

Africa is calling. Open your ears and your heart and take the leap. She won't disappoint. Here's a selection of images to inspire you:

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