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Baseball Japanese-style
The world's largest wooden structure of Todai-ji
Miyajima island Ryokan stay
Shinto shrines
Yoyogi Park's anime and manga
UNESCO World Heritage-listed ancient Nara
Meiji Shrine's wood block wishes
UNESCO World Heritage-listed ancient Kyoto
The machiya and tsuboniwa of Kyoto
The bars of Golden Gai
Meet the local reindeer population in Nara, Japan
This is the bamboo forest from Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. It's in Kyoto.
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    $ 5000+
    Countries visited: Japan
    10 days
    Hellooo Japan. Get your fix of Japanese culture with temples, sushi and shopping in Tokyo. Soak up Kanazawa’s crazy samurai culture. Get down with your world history at Hiroshima. Spy geishas in Kyoto’s Gion...
    Countries visited: Japan
    9 days
    Helloooo Tokyo. Get your fix of Japanese culture with temples, sushi, and shopping galore. Soak up Nikko’s outlandishly beautiful natural niceties. Spy Geishas in Kyoto...
  • Why we love Japan

    Japan is so much more than the land of karaoke, Hello Kitty, Manga and Harajuku style.

    Travel to Japan and you’ll soon see that it’s also home to outlandish game shows, bizarre vending machines, old school sake breweries, and a population of faultlessly considerate people. Oh… and there’s a whole load of ancient temples, castles and shrines, too.

    Join a Geckos tour to ride through the Japanese countryside at warp speed aboard a bullet train, visit sumo stables in Tokyo, see Geishas in Kyoto, sip sake in Takayama, and get amongst the legendary Osaka eating scene.

    Travelling in Japan is guaranteed to produce more mind-blowing moments per minute than almost anywhere else in the world. From riding the ruthlessly efficient subway system to using musical public toilets, a trip to Japan is worth it for the shock value alone.

    And the sushi. All of the sushi.

    Safety information

    Crime levels are low. It is generally safe to walk about at night and to travel on public transport, but you should maintain the same level of vigilance as you would at home and take sensible precautions. Reports of inappropriate touching or ‘chikan’ of female passengers on commuter trains are fairly common. The police advise that you shout at the perpetrator to attract attention and ask a fellow passenger to call the train staff. The Roppongi entertainment district of Tokyo is considered a higher risk area for crime. 
    Everyone has the right to feel safe and secure on their trip. We don’t tolerate any form of sexual harassment at Peregrine and Geckos, either between passengers or involving our leaders or local operators. Sexual relationships (consensual or otherwise) between a leader and a passenger are unacceptable. If you ever feel another person is behaving inappropriately please inform us immediately by contacting the emergency contact number detailed in these trip notes.


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