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Japan for the Fans
9 days from US $1970
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If you get the chance to get dressed up as a geisha and walk the streets....do it. It was an interesting and unforgettable experience! Well worth the money. If you can go in cherry blossom season then that is the time to go as it is seriously beautiful and amazing and all the gardens look stunning. The golden temple is also truely beautiful and a must see!

Sharon, 31 Mar, 2013
Raw Japan

MICHELLE, 9 Dec, 2012
Raw Japan

Baseball Japanese-style
The world's largest wooden structure of Todai-ji
Miyajima island Ryokan stay
Shinto shrines
Yoyogi Park's anime and manga
UNESCO World Heritage-listed ancient Nara
Meiji Shrine's wood block wishes
UNESCO World Heritage-listed ancient Kyoto
The machiya and tsuboniwa of Kyoto
The bars of Golden Gai
Meet the local reindeer population in Nara, Japan
Totally Tokyo
This is the bamboo forest from Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. It's in Kyoto.

Welcome to Japan

Japan is so much more than the land of karaoke, Hello Kitty, Manga and Harajuku style.

Travel to Japan and you’ll soon see that it’s also home to outlandish game shows, bizarre vending machines, old school sake breweries, and a population of faultlessly considerate people. Oh… and there’s a whole load of ancient temples, castles and shrines, too.

Join a Geckos tour to ride through the Japanese countryside at warp speed aboard a bullet train, visit sumo stables in Tokyo, see Geishas in Kyoto, sip sake in Takayama, and get amongst the legendary Osaka eating scene.

Travelling in Japan is guaranteed to produce more mind-blowing moments per minute than almost anywhere else in the world. From riding the ruthlessly efficient subway system to using musical public toilets, a trip to Japan is worth it for the shock value alone.

And the sushi. All of the sushi.


Some of us are adventurous eaters, and some of us are wimps. Whatever side of the fence you sit on, we won't judge you. In fact, when it comes to Asia, we're pretty sure there are more than two sides to the fence anyway. There's probably like, seven ... Read more on the blog


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Countries visited: Japan
9 days
Helloooo Tokyo. Get your fix of Japanese culture with temples, sushi, and shopping galore. Soak up Nikko’s outlandishly beautiful natural niceties. Spy Geishas in Kyoto...

North & Central Asia

Enchanting Mongolian plains and endless Russian steppe weave with mountains, forests, meadows, lakes and towns as you roll from Ulaanbaatar to St Petersberg on the world's most epic train journey, the Trans Mongolian Railway.

You can spend time, too, at Russia's Lake Baikal, the world's largest body of freshwater with its own unique species of seal, or go on Mongolian safari with yaks as your transport and gers your accommodation in true nomadic style.

Further wander the majestic Gobi desert and Mongolian mountains or delve into the myriad other historical sites of The Stans – including Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.

Central Asia will astound from high steppe to skyscraper.

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