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Former Soviet Union-influenced Ulaanbaatar
Trans Mongolian Railway
Ger camping

Welcome to Mongolia

If Mongolia were a historical figure, it’d be Genghis Khan.

If it were an animal, it would be a wild horse. If it were a colour, it’d be maroon. And if it were a country, which it is, it would contain all of these things – and plenty more besides.

It would contain sprawling grass plains, sparkling blue lakes, vibrant warrior festivals and some of the world’s last truly nomadic people. It would contain the Gobi Desert, men who hunt with eagles and the proverb ‘while horse is strong, travel to see places’.

Lucky then that Mongolia is a country. And luckier still that we travel there.


Mongolia's strange, exotic and relatively untouched; with rural families not just surviving, but thriving in totally most barren landscapes. Mental. Here are some Mongolian facts. They're like regular facts, but more interesting. ... Read more on the blog

Mongolia Tours

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So jump on a Geckos Central Asia trip and play cards in St Petersburg, wander the majestic Gobi Desert, chill out by Lake Baikal, eat all the dumplings, see all the cherry blossoms and make good with the steppe. 

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