South and Central Americas

South and Central Americas
  • Welcome to Central and South America

    The secret’s out. There’s a reason the World Cup’s being held in Brazil this year, it’s because the world’s best football teams are all booked on Geckos trips.*

    If you don’t believe us, have a think about some of the ridiculously awesome stuff that Geckos does in South and Central America. Like food, for example. We do food there in a big way. And it is delicious. 

    We've also hunted down some of the best parties on the planet. Then there’s the whole adventure scene - jungle, ruins, lakes, beaches…bliss.

    Our Central and South America trips are the real deal. And the whole continent is going to be buzzing with World Cup fever in just a few months. Don’t be the lame one that stayed at home. The footballers will judge you.**

    *Not true. Not even a little bit.

    **They won’t. 

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  • The Lands of Silver and Gold

    The Lands of Silver and Gold Argentina, Brazil - 17 Days. View trip
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    Caribbean there, done that Belize, Guatamala, Mexico - 17 Days. View Trip
  • Some of my best friends are Peruvian

    Some of my best friends are Peruvian Bolivia, Peru = 15 Days. View trip

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Real-life passengers saying real-life things about Geckos Adventures. 


"The entire experience was incredible! Our tour guides were very fun friendly and informative. The Amazon lodge, climbing Maccu Picchu and the Lake Titicaca homestay were experiences that I will treasure forever, places you only imagine ever being able to experience first hand. I was a bit aprehensive going on a group tour as it was my first, but now I cant wait until my next one!" - Karina, Australia, January 2014.

"I had an absolutely amazing time on this particular trip. We had a wonderful group of people and I am so glad I got to meet them and share amazing experiences with them. This tour was the best way for me to see as much as possible in the short time that I had. I don't speak any Spanish so without our wonderful tour leader Renaldi I think I would have been up the creek without a paddle a lot of the time! Thanks so much for a wonderful trip..." - Bindi, Australia, March 13.



"This trip was great if you want a taste of Argentina and Brazil. The Argentine guide was very helpful at directing us to fun night spots and great places to eat. Iguazu Falls was well planned and definitely a highlight." - Candice, Australia, January 19



"Fantastic trip! Geckos is a great company. The accommodation and group leader greatly exceeded my expectations. Great mix of cultural, scenic and adventure activities, with free time to explore on your own. Would definitely recommend this trip and Geckos to anyone!" - Tarleea, Australia, December 23

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