Not only are the Chilean people pretty laidback, they’re also the happiest folk on earth. So put a smile on your dial and see what all the happy's about.

Deceptive Chile is South America’s trickster. Travel through Chile and you’ll be surprised by its chameleon-like abilities. One day you’ll be in a desert surrounded by nothingness, and the next day in a city of millions.

On a clear day in Santiago, Chile will have you scratching your head wondering “where did that massive mountain backdrop come from?”

Chile reveals itself to travellers slowly, and once the fog (or is that smog?) lifts, you’ll be amazed you didn’t visit sooner. Travel with Geckos and take on Pucon’s hills on a mountain bike, do your bit for the Chilean wine industry at Santiago’s late-night bars, see a working harbour in full flight at Punta Arenas and travel deep into the Atacama Desert on a rollicking 4x4 adventure.

Whatever you do, wherever you go, when travelling in Chile, expect the unexpected.

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