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Terracotta Warriors of Xian
The Forbidden City
Lijiang - former capital of the Naxi Kingdom
The Bai traditional minority tribe of Dali
UNESCO World Heritage-listed Giant Buddha at Leshan
The Buddhist grottoes and Hanging Monastery of Datong
Turtle-shaped Pingyao
UNESCO World Heritage-listed Buddhist murals of Mogao Caves
The ethnic Uyghur town of Turpan
Chengdu's Giant Pandas and Sichuan cuisine
Kashgar - the Silk Road capital of the Uyghurs
Kunming's flower and bird market
Yangshuo's limestone karsts
The history of Nanjing
Yangtze River and Tiger Leaping Gorge
Shaolin - the birthplace of Kung Fu
Lanzhou's White Cloud Temple
Songpan's minority people
UNESCO World Heritage-listed Jiuzhaigou National Park
Suzhou's backstreets by bike
Hangzhou's world-famous tea
Yellow Mountain
The Golden Summit of Mount Emei
The 'Blue City' of Hohhot
Tianchi - Lake of Heaven
Float among foliage on the Yangshuo River
A Hard Day's Night
Find your favourite Chinglish menu item
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    $ 0
    $ 5000+
    Countries visited: China, Hong Kong (China)
    23 days
    Big country, big trip. Get the good times underway exploring Beijing and the Great Wall. Meander back in time in Xi’an, the Huizhou region and a Tulou village. Then it’s back to...
    Countries visited: China
    12 days
    Embrace your inner Grandmaster. If you were ever going to go full kung fu or learn how to run on bamboo leaves, then China will probably be your best bet. Your time is now, young...
    Countries visited: China
    12 days
    This is pretty much the China highlights tour: you’ve got the Great Wall just outside of Beijing, the Terracotta Warriors in Xi’an, epic outdoorsyness in Yangshuo and the high life in China’s biggest...
  • Why we love China

    China is epic. It’s huge. No matter how awesome you think it’s going to be, multiply that by 10. It’s like 50 countries in one. Probably because there are 56 ethnic groups, each with their own way of doing things.

    It has mountains, deserts, coast, rivers, jungle, forest and farmland. And that’s just in one tiny little corner. It has some of the most ancient relics in the world as well as some of the craziest modern buildings you’ve ever seen.

    You can walk along the Great Wall, trek to hilltop monasteries, gawk at Tiananmen Square, see the Terracotta Warriors, get Shanghaied by the amazing shopping in Shanghai, see the old cities of Lijiang and Shaxi or be overcome by panda cuteness in Chengdu.

    Safety information

    China is a safe country to travel in and very few travellers will experience any safetly concerns. Serious crime against foreigners is relatively rare, but incidents do occur. Foreigners can be targeted for passports, laptops, mobile phones, purses and handbags. Major tourist sites and areas frequented by foreigners attract thieves and pickpockets. Take extra care at major tourist sites, street markets, Beijing International Airport, major international events and conferences and popular bar areas after dark.


    There are occasional incidents with taxi and pedicab drivers who insist the passenger misunderstood the fare. Avoid travelling in unmarked or unmetered ‘taxis’ and insist on paying only the meter fare. Ask the driver for a receipt (fapiao), on which the taxi number should be printed. You can take this to the police to lodge a complaint.


    Counterfeit bank notes (especially RMB100) are increasingly common. They are generally crumpled to avoid detection. Unscrupulous traders may try to switch your genuine bank notes for counterfeits. Check carefully before accepting notes. It is quite normal to do so.


    Beware of scams particularly in popular tourist areas. A regular example is the ‘tea tasting’ scam. Scams usually involve a foreign national being invited to visit a bar, shop or cafe – for example to practice English or meet a girl - but results in demands for an exorbitant fee, often payable by credit card. This can result in threats of violence or credit card fraud.


    Fire protection standards in Chinese accommodation are not always the same as at home. Check fire precautions including access to fire exits.

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