We currently don't have any organised trips to El Salvador. However, Geckos can create tailor made tours to many destinations, including El Salvador. Just fill out your details & a travel specialist will be in touch.

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About El Salvador

The smallest country in South America… Home to 23 active volcanoes… One of the most epic surf spots along the Pacific coast…

If you were a contestant on Jeopardy, you’d be taking home top dollar by buzzing in “What is El Salvador?”. This tropical paradise is the bee’s knees if you’re in the market for some serious relaxation. Mosey along the black-sand beaches of El Tunco, rent a surfboard and catch a morning wave in El Cuco, or just pull up a stool in a beachfront bar and while away the day sipping on a coconut or two. It doesn’t get much more chilled out than this.

El Salvador travel highlights

Suchitoto , El Salvador

Go-go to Suchitoto

Colourful houses, lush rainforest, a gorgeous freshwater lake AND dancin’ in the streets? Suchitoto ticks all the funtimes boxes.

El Tunco , El Salvador

Soak up the sun in El Tunco

Sprawl out on El Tunco’s black-sand beaches and when it gets too hot, rehydrate with an icy cold beer in a waterfront bar. Cheers!

El Cuco, el salvador

More like El Cool-co, amirite?

Life is good in El Cuco. Laze about on the beach, snap a ton of #nofilter Instagram pics and fill your belly with pupusas (cheesy, beany, meaty corn pockets).



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