Did you just come out of the TARDIS or have you landed in Swaziland? We’re guessing it’s the latter, cos we don’t see no Dr Who.

Travel to Swaziland and you’ll see a country that is operating on a different frequency. But what would you expect from a tiny, landlocked, mountainous kingdom that clings to its rituals, customs and national identity?

On a Geckos tour of Swaziland you’ll get to camp within the grounds of Hlane Royal National Park, track incredibly rare rhinos on guided game walks, spot lions trying to blend in with the bushveld, and drive on tons of bumpy roads.

Like almost everywhere, modernisation may be beginning to creep in, but a trip to Swaziland still results in many genuine “did I get here in a time machine?” moments. 

With a small population and a unique national identity, include Swaziland in your Africa travel plans to see an important part of the African cultural, environmental and social landscape. Or else. 

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