The Smoke that Thunders – no, it’s not a cool Cherokee surname, it’s a mad waterfall in Zambia.

Nestled between eight African giants, Zambia has become a favourite stomping ground for adventurers on their trans-African adventures.

And with more animals than tourists, it’s a rare gem. In fact, 30 percent of the country is National Parks, making a tidy little home for elephants, leopards and hippos.

There is, of course, the magnificent Victoria Falls to get sprayed by, the epic Zambezi River to spot crocs in, walking safaris for the brave and plenty of fish for the fishermen to…fish.

If nature isn’t your thing, then soak up the buzz of Lusaka, the capital, which seems to be at the crossroads of all African trade. Whether you’re coming or going, on your way to Africa’s big guns, or spending some quality time with one of Africa’s lesser-known stars, you’ll be glad you met Zambia. 

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