What makes Brazil so great? Well for a start, everything here is BIG – from the waterfalls and jungle to the clubs and cocktails.

Brazil. It’s so big that the working title for Japanese mega-monster film Godzilla was actually Brazilla. Fact.*

Brazil is the hugest, brightest, partyingest, rulingest place you’re likely to visit – buckle up, kiddos, because there’s loads to do.

Soak up the sun on Ipanema beach, fall for the Iguazu Falls, lose yourself in Paraty, scream yourself hoarse at the soccer, tangle with the jungle, soak up the Ilha Grande, eat enough churrasco to wipe out whole species, hydrate with many, many caipirinhas, snack on acarajé, party in Rio, then party some more.

Detox by hiking Sugarloaf Mountain, if you’ve got the energy.

*Not actually a fact

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