Get down to Botswana and growl at a lion, rumble at an elephant and tweet at some of the pretty birds (or maybe just quietly watch so you don’t scare them away).

Botswana is pretty cool, for one, there are more elephants than humans*. There’s also heaps of desert (70% of the country is desert). But it’s not just a country filled with deserts and elephants, there’s other rad stuff too.

With Geckos, you’ll go for a jaunt in dugout canoes around the Okavango Delta. You’ll see plenty of the good animal folk having a drink and hang you’ll get to hang with wallowing hippos. You’ll also camp in the wilderness and fall asleep to lion roars (which obviously makes for the best brag story ever). It doesn’t get much more Africa than Botswana.

*Probably not actually more elephants than humans, but Botswana DOES have the highest elephant population in the world, so probably pretty close.

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Journey through Botswana, June 2017

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