Take a Geckos trip to Nicaragua and we guarantee you’ll be grunting your way up a volcano, swatting butterflies away and burying your face deep inside a watermelon.

Travel to Nicaragua to enjoy one of Central America’s rising stars. While the rest of Central America is taking it easy, sneaky Nicaragua is emerging as a genuine player in the adventure sports, eco-tourism and surfing scene.

As Central America’s largest and least populated country, you’ll have plenty of space and time to enjoy what bio-diverse Nicaragua has to offer, namely: chocolate-eating, coffee-drinking, volcano-climbing, rainforest-trekking, cocktail-sipping and island-hopping.

On a Geckos tour of Nicaragua you’ll get to sweat it out hiking up a volcano on Ometepe Island, watch fisherman haul in their catch on Lake Nicaragua, and skulk about Moorish buildings in Granada.

With a history peppered with pirate raids, civil war, invasions, warring factions, dictatorships and outlandish takeovers from foreign interlopers, this fragile yet enduring nation has been beset by a diabolical past and is now opening its arms to genuine and willing travellers, divers, adventurers, naturalists, and hammock-dwellers.

Get around it. 

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