Rwanda might just be one of the most impressive places we’ve come across. Come for the gorillas (in the mist), stay for the… gorillas.

Travel to Rwanda to see a football-mad country kicking goals in the wake of a seriously tragic past. In what has to be one of the most epic turnarounds in modern times, Rwanda is now home to one of the fastest growing economies in Africa.

Join a Geckos tour of Rwanda to travel through remote, rural countryside, get sweaty while trekking through dense jungle, hang with a bevy of rare mountain gorillas, and kick back with a cool beer in Kigali.

Rwanda is in the process of transforming itself with tourism, agribusiness, social enterprise and backyard banana beer brewing leading the way.

While Rwanda may not have the huge game reserves, wineries, and beaches of other African countries, Rwanda has heart (and an ample supply of banana beer).

Fine by us. 

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