Does Monty Python tickle your funny bone? Does Buckingham Palace fill you with Ginger-love? Always wanted to play the bagpipes? Sounds like you should head off to the glorious UK.

While there isn’t much Anarchy in the UK and the Queen isn’t Dead, London is still calling – calling you to come and visit the UK.

We’ve all seen the pictures of Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and the Tower of London; we’ve read about the Thames and Westminster Abbey, Trafalgar Square and the London Stone; but nothing compares to seeing these icons in the flesh. Heck, there’s a reason they’re so famous!

Once you’re through with ticking icons off your list, get down and dirty in England’s underground (and we're not talking about the Tube); the whole country is thriving with culture, clubs and awesome tunes. And then? Go eat the food. All the food. Toad in the hole, bangers & mash, bubble & squeak, spotted dick or stargazey pie. Then wash it all down with a pint of lager. 

Starting your European Geckos vacay in London? Lovely jubbly! 

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