Think ‘Euro tours’ and it’s easy to picture endless crawls through Irish pubs, or coaches packed 40-deep with people. But at Geckos, that ain’t our thang. Our style is getting butts off seats and into backstreets. It’s travelling in small groups with local leaders and giving you time to actually see each destination. It’s exploring Europe – like a boss.


Accommodation in Europe

Cool accommodation in central locations

Because we don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn each morning to speed to the next destination, we get to stay in cool, artsy hostels in the heart of a city, not in campsites on the outskirts of town. This way, we’re perfectly placed to soak up them local vibes; and the sights, bars and bakeries are just a hop, skip and a slow cobblestoned stroll away.  

More trains, less buses

Although we take the occasional bus, we do most of our cross-Europe gallivanting by train. Why? Because trains are rad. They’re faster and comfier, not to mention way more European. You’re more likely to solve a mystery on a train, Agatha Christie-style, and less likely to vom from motion sickness. 

Small group tours

At Geckos, we like to keep things cosy, which is why we cap our groups at a max of 16. Not only does it make getting around easier, it also allows us to see stuff the big tour groups miss. We’re not 50 strangers crammed into a bus like sardines; on average, we’re nine new mates eating sardines on a Mediterranean cliff top (or pasta, if you think sardines are gross). 

Slow it down, baby

Europe can be overwhelming. There’s so much to see! It’s easy to jump from city to city like a cat on a hot tin roof, or to feel like you’ve ‘done’ Paris because you saw the Eiffel Tower from a distance. While our trips cover lots of destinations, we try to stay a few days in each so we can spend less time on transport and more time sinking our claws into the juicy stuff. Yeah. 

Travel made super easy

Travel with us, and there’s no need to sweat the logistics. We’ll give you plenty of time to do your own thing, but your leader will always be there to provide hot tips and directions to top-secret locations (the fun – not dangerous – kind). Which means you’ll have more energy to spend on deciding which flavour of vodka to try in Krakow. Cherry, chestnut, cinnamon…the struggle is real, guys.

Local everything

Why travel half way across the world and never really leave home? We like to tread lightly and do all of the things local: transport, restaurants and most of all, leaders. These legends were born and raised in awesome destinations all over Europe, so they know what’s crackin’. They’ll take you out of your comfort zone and help you meet real-life locals, while simultaneously having your back in all situations. Skillz. 

OUR TOP trips in Europe

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  • US Governor birthplace: Arnie Schwarzenegger, one-time Hollywood star and present governor of California, was born and bred in Austria.
  • Smarty pants:The Czech republic has more university educated people than anywhere else in the EU – 90% of the population.
  • Lake city: Slovenia’s town of Bled is famous for its lake… and the church in the middle of the lake.
  • World dominators: The Queen of the UK owns one sixths of the earth’s total land mass.
  • Walk the walk: Istanbul is the only city in the world to span over two continents, so you can claim to have walked from Asia to Europe in less than an hour. 

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