Bolivia should really be called Bold-ivia, because its natural wonders are brazen and its architecture sure as hell shows off.

Bolivia. Not just an excellent (and perhaps the only) rhyme for Olivia. You can do heaps of things here.

Like watch people dig for silver at Potosi, prune up in thermal baths, sing camp songs at Lake Titicaca, gawk at the Island of the Sun (mythical birthplace of Inca civilization), saddle up and tour Old Sucre’s monastic buildings and, of course, check out the mega salt-lick of the Salar de Uyuni – it’s like being at the snow (with flamingos).

Ski lovers can find real snow at Chacaltaya, the world’s highest ski resort. Comes with bonus llamas. Speaking of world’s highest things, La Paz is the highest capital on all of Google Maps. Altitude with attitude.

Back down at normal altitude levels, you can take some deep breaths, chow down on spicy choripan and toast to your trip with gourds full of chicha de colla. 

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