If you think Spanish is the sexiest language in the world and you could easily eat corn (done all ways) for the rest of your life, then what are you waiting for? Vamanos to Central America!

Whether you wanna gorge on deep fried foods and amazing condiments in Belize, dance sexy in Havana or celebrate death with sugar skulls and flowers in Mexico, Central America’s intoxicating rhythms and friendly locals will win you over with one beat of a Honduran drum.

So jump on a geckos Central America tour and go snorkelling at Hol Chan Marine Reserve, wave away the cigar stink in Cuba and dive into a sacred sink hole in the Yucatan Peninsula while you get into the Central American groove. 

Why we love Central America

  • Sporting goods: The Aztecs played a ball game known as tlachtli where the losers were sacrificed to the gods.
  • Arachnophobic much? About 20,000 different types of spiders are hiding underneath tables and above doorways in Costa Rica.
  • Hitching in Cuba: Hitchhiking in Cuba is legal, and government officials are actually obliged to give you a ride.
  • Ummmm... Costa Ricans call speed bumps ‘son muertos’ or ‘dead persons’.
  • Mayan skyscrapers: Instead of skyscrapers the highest building in Belize is an ancient temple

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