With its spanktacular churches, plush palaces and awesome Turkish baths, Hungary is a place we’re all hungry to visit.

Travel to Hungary and you’ll be rewarded with the usual suspects (the Danube, goulash, spas, castles, and traditional gypsy music) but you’ll also encounter the unexpected (counter culture bars, underground music scene and one hell of a hard language to learn).

Sharing borders with Slovakia, Romania, Austria, Slovenia, Serbia and the Ukraine, Hungary manages to not get caught up in it all, retaining its national identity in the face of so many different influences.

Travel on a Geckos tour of Hungary and revel in Budapest’s guerrilla bars, castle culture, museum mania, thermal baths, curious oddities and supreme food scene.

With hearty appreciation of the past, a keen eye on the future and firm intent on making the most of the present, Hungary is On. The. Money.

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