Ahh Uruguay, where cows outnumber people 3 to 1, locals chug herbal tea instead of coffee, and the national anthem goes for over six minutes.

Travelling to Uruguay? Or just mistyped Uruk-hai when Googling The Lord of the Rings? If the latter is true – don’t fret little hobbit, because there’s heaps to do in Uruguay that you can’t do in Mordor.

Like get your gaucho on (and your cowboy hat) at an estancia homestay. Eat your weight in steak at Montevideo’s Mercado del Puerto, famous for its asado. Stroll the ancient streets of the historic Colonia del Sacramento. Find romance at couples’ favourite Barrio Histórico. 

Become mates with yerba maté, the local herbal tea. Horrify your dentist with bulk purchases of caramel-filled alfajores. Notch up some cultural cred at the Teatro Solís, then throw it away by getting vocal at a soccer match. Uruguay. It’s worth going there…and back again.

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