Don’t cry for me, Argentina! Unless you’re crying for us to come back to you, which we will, cos we love you.

A trip to Argentina looms large on the minds and desires of travellers for a good reason: it’s the stuff daydreams are made of. From saucy cities brimming with bars, to monster waterfalls, to all the steak you can eat, Argentina promises (and delivers) good times to all who come in pursuit of good times.

Travel to Argentina on a Geckos tour to drink yourself sideways in Mendoza, be blown away by the aquatic thunder of Iguazu Falls, gondola up a mountain in Salta and lose yourself in the pursuit of happiness in the bars and milongas of Buenos Aires.

The mother country of Argentine legends like Maradona, Messi, Peron, Guevara, and Pope Francis, it’s hard to imagine the continent of South America (or the world) without that kickass, colourful wedge known as Argentina.

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Buenos Aires to Rio Journey, June 2017

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