If your ideal getaway involves a Tarzan treehouse and snuggling up with a young Leo Di Caprio on deserted beaches, then hop on over to Asia, stat.

Whether you wanna get your Indiana Jones on at ancient Angkor Wat, climb the epic Mount Kinabalu or drift across Burma’s Inle Lake, this magical region is packed to the brim with the best of the tropics.

So jump on a Geckos South East Asia tour and swim beneath waterfalls in Laos, crawl through Viet Cong tunnels, hang out at Halong Bay, surf perfect Balinese waves, gorge on tom yum in Thailand, and let the friendly folk, food and fun fill you up with the good holiday vibes. 

Why we love Asia

  • Broken records: Thailand holds the Guinness World Record for longest condom chain and most Mini coopers in convoy (444 cars parked to spell out ‘Long Live the King’).
  • Fish sauce bonanza: Vietnam produces more than 200 million litres of fish sauce each year.
  • Name change: Laos was originally called Lan Xang Hom Khao (Million Elephants, White Parasol).
  • A matter of detail: Why use 10 words when you can use a thousand – the Burmese mantra.
  • Island nation: Indonesia is made up of 17,508 islands.

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