Austria, Austria, Wherefore art thou, Austria? With thy galleries and thy museums, thou art forever an art lover’s dream.

Many people who travel to Austria imagine they’ll spend their days doing 360 spins in flowery meadows, singing ‘the hills are alive with the sound of music’. But there’s more to Austria than what the movies depict. 

Oh yes, the schnitzels and cakes, the lederhosen, the Mozart merchandise and coffee houses are there, but Austria also has a whole other side that’s concealed from the travel brochures. There’s the church decorated with the skulls of the dead, the museum devoted to witchcraft, the haunted lodge, the insane asylum turned into museum, the liberal Love Parade and the collective pathological penchant for taxidermy.

On a Geckos tour of Austria you’ll get to see palaces, cathedrals and cobbled streets of Vienna, but there’s also enough free time to go find the Undertaker’s Museum…because we know you want to.   

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