It’s the simple things in life that make Costa Ricans so happy – nature, sunshine and volcanoes put smiles on everyone’s dials.

If there’s one thing we know about Costa Rica, it’s that we run really, really good trips there.

If there are two things we know about Costa Rica, it’s that they have toucans and sloths. Our favourite fact about sloths is that they move so slowly, they’ve been known to sometimes mistake their own arm for a branch, grab it, and fall out of trees.

Once you’ve stopped laughing, consider for a moment how awesome it would be to explore San Jose, wander through the cloud forest of Monteverde and walk through the sky (quite literally) on a jungle canopy sky walk.

Then once you’ve stopped daydreaming, think back to the sloth. Then decide Costa Rica has got to be the next place you visit.  

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