With sloth-filled jungles, misty cloud forests, volcanoes, hot springs, cool drinks and some of the best beaches on the planet, you’ll be feeling the pura vida vibes in no time on a Geckos adventure through Costa Rica.

Eight reasons Costa Rica is more awesome than you thought:

1. The cloud forest in Monteverde is full of elevated suspension bridges, so you can walk ABOVE the canopy.

2. Sloths live here.

3. San Jose has one of the best craft beer scenes on the planet. 

4. You can brush up on your volcanology skills on a visit to Arenal, a real-life, lava-sputtering, active stratovolcano, just outside La Fortuna.

5. Sloths are cool.

6. There are heaps of activities to dive into, like floating safaris, stand up paddle boarding, hiking and biking, or, y’know, just soaking up a storm in a thermal hot spring.

7. You can experience all Costa Rica has to offer on a small group adventure with a posse of 18-29 year olds with Geckos.

8. We love sloths.

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