Fidel Castro called. He wants to tell you he’s Havana good time.

Photographers love to travel to Cuba for the multihued buildings, while car-aficionados are in it for the clapped out ‘yank tanks’ trawling the streets and rum-fiends love the strong Cuba Libres on offer.

Whatever reason you’re travelling to Cuba for, you’ll find another one once you’re there – Cuba excels at that many things. While on a Geckos tour of Cuba you’ll drink and dance in Havana’s bars, tour tobacco plantations in Vinales, be ensconced in all things ‘El Che’ in Santa Clara and pretend you’re not lost in Trinidad's tangle of cobbled streets.

Cuba equals much more than the sum of its parts; beyond the mojitos, murals, cigars and cars, this is a proud, passionate place that is in a state of transition.

Travel to Cuba and see it while it’s at a crossroads.

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