Hola and welcome to the tropics, where the beaches are plentiful and the awesomeness is flowing like a glass of Colada de avena (awesome traditional fruit smoothy).

Travelling in Ecuador is like travelling in a compact version of the whole of South America.

You can see the Andes, climb volcanoes, head to the beach, go wild in the Amazon jungle, hang out with llamas and of course see the incredible wildlife of the Galapagos Islands. If shopping is your thing there’s the Otavalo market town, if adventure sport is your thing there’s Banos (not to be confused with the Spanish word for toilet, which is also banos).

If evolution is your thing, there are the incredible Galapagos Islands. For the foodie there are hundreds of ways to eat chicken, beans and guinea pig (yeah, guinea pig).

And if you like parties that don’t start until midnight and don’t finish until the fireworks go off, Ecuador is your kind of place.

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