Walk like an Egyptian, through mystic sands and perilous pyramids, right to the heart of the coolest place this side of 2000BC.

There’s old, and then there’s Egypt old. It’s a whole new level of old.

Even Cairo has been around since 969 CE (that’s just like AD but more politically correct). There’s also busy, and then there’s Egypt busy. In the cities you’ll see a swarms of cars, motorbikes, donkeys, tractors and bikes running in every direction with no clear lanes or lights or signals or control.

And finally, there’s awesome and then there’s Egypt awesome. Things that have to be seen to be believed. Off the top of our heads: The Sphinx, The Great Pyramid, The Nile, the out-of-this-world markets and bazaars and this one donkey called Ginger.

Egypt, no one does it quite like you.

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Egypt Unearthed, August 2016

Matt Blacksell

Egypt Unearthed, July 2016

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