There’s a reason why Italy looks like a high-heeled boot kicking a soccer ball, and we suspect it has something to do with pizza… or not.

Travel to Italy and get to know the country behind the headlines. Beyond the bunga bunga parties, football match-fixing scandals and ‘is-it-about-to-blow-again?’ volcano, lies a country tailor-made for stellar travel moments.

Collaborate with Geckos and tour the cool coast of Amalfi aboard a yacht, be shocked by the scale and devastation of Pompeii, break your pizza-eating personal best in Naples, down some Limoncello in Sorrento and pretend you know something about art in Florence.

With gluten-loaded menus to suit all budgets, the land of the Baci McFlurry delivers a massive slice of travel awesome to anyone who appreciates sparkling seas, colourful local identities, a cavalier approach to road rules and a commitment to living La Dolce Vita.

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