Click click – no, it’s not the sound of you stapling your last assignment; it’s the sound of all the insane photos you’ll take in Japan!

Japan is so much more than the land of karaoke, Hello Kitty, Manga and Harajuku style.

Travel to Japan and you’ll soon see that it’s also home to outlandish game shows, bizarre vending machines, old school sake breweries, and a population of faultlessly considerate people. Oh… and there’s a whole load of ancient temples, castles and shrines, too.

Join a Geckos tour to ride through the Japanese countryside at warp speed aboard a bullet train, visit sumo stables in Tokyo, see Geishas in Kyoto, sip sake in Kanazawa, and get amongst the legendary Osaka eating scene.

Travelling in Japan is guaranteed to produce more mind-blowing moments per minute than almost anywhere else in the world. From riding the ruthlessly efficient subway system to using musical public toilets, a trip to Japan is worth it for the shock value alone.

And the sushi. All of the sushi.

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Discover Japan, August 2016

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Discover Japan, August 2016

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