With amazing animals and cool-as culture, Kenya is as African as you can get.

Travel to Kenya and experience a whole load of things that most other countries just can’t provide, manufacture or replicate. You’ll see sunsets on steroids, hear howling while camping in national parks, watch predators stalk their prey and have your eyes burned by a sea of hot pink flamingos. Big cities just can’t compete.

Join a Geckos tour of Kenya to enjoy thrilling lakeside game drives at Lake Nakuru, camp with the Masai in the Loita Hills, spot hippos on an optional cruise of Lake Naivasha, watch the circle of life unfold at the Masai Mara National Reserve and experience modern Kenya in action in the hectic streets of Nairobi.

With more lions, leopards, cheetahs, hippos and elephants you can poke a stick at (please don’t poke sticks at the animals) being in Kenya is like travelling through a gigantic, zoological Rubik’s Cube – it doesn’t matter which way you turn, you’ll always find an animal (and never solve the puzzle).

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Kenya to Vic Falls, June 2016

Marysue Dryer

Kenya to Vic Falls, June 2016

Jason Schumacher

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