Take a bunch of Malays and a pinch of Indians, add a dash of Chinese influence and a smattering of world religions – mix them all together and you’ve got Malaysia.

Look up the definition of multicultural and you’ll find a picture of Malaysia. OK, you won’t, but you should. This country puts the mmmm in mmmmelting pot. Everyone from the Portuguese, the Dutch, the British and the Japanese have ruled Malaysia, or at least parts of it. Not to mention a sultan or two.

Then there were the traders who came from India and China, bringing with them spices and silks. The result is an awesome mix of people, cultures and food. It’d be easy just to eat your way through Malaysia.

There are dumplings, curries, seafood and noodles galore.  But we also recommend a few culture activities between meals.

Scale (by elevator) the Menara Kuala Lumpur, go trekking the Cameron Highlands and explore the colourful markets of Penang.

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Discover Sabah 2016, August 2016

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